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Oh hi!!! 

My name is Kimberly Crookshanks and I am a non-binary voice actor based in the Los Angeles area. I have lived in Southern California all my life and have been acting and performing since I was a small girl. After a brief period in the USAF where my husband served his country, I needed to be a breadwinner for a short while but something kept pulling back into this world I love. 

Fun Fact: I love making things and one of my favorite things to do is bake. Cookies, Cupcakes and brownies are my favorites. 

Anyway, now here I am, ready to add a little extra spice to your project. Contact me about rates and availability. 

Home recording set up:
VO Booth
SSL2 Interface
Sennheiser 416
Source Connect Standard
Twisted Wave Recording Software

A Little more about me and my journey

Everyone's journey is different. For some, it takes a little more time than others. What's important is what we learn on our journey. I have met so many wonderful people and every lesson I've learned has been important. I would love it if you would give this a read and share it with anyone it might speak to.

We are all here to create something and enjoy our time. Follow your path, no matter where it leads. You will be surprised how much fun it can be!


Big thank you to the folks at Voyage LA for the write up!

And the Winner is...

On June 24th I was awarded The Rising Star Award from The Voiceover Network. They have been such an integral part of my Voiceover journey and it is such an honor to receive this recognition. Thank you again to Rachael Naylor and all the judges for this incredible moment. 

Award Nomination

I am truly humbled and honored that I have been nominated for the Rising Star Award by The Voiceover Network. The Voiceover Network have been an integral part of my growth and development as a Voice Over professional and I truly look forward to continue working with them in the coming years. Thank you so much to Rachael and her entire organization for this recognition. 

I am not my Mother

My most recent original piece developed and written for the Character Acting Program New Works Festival. It is a personal piece about dealing with body shaming from my mother and how I have over come that am learning to love myself. 


Military Wife Life

This was my first original piece I wrote and performed at the end of the year with the Character Acting Program. It was one that was was very near and dear to my heart and had spoken to me for quite some time. 


Avanti video

This is a non broadcast video I provided narration for that was presented before the United Nations.

Nurse Mates Online Promo Video

This is a web only promotional video done for the Nurse Mates brand and their Fall St. Jude's fundraising campaign.